At Last I am Married

I had taken a break from my blogs for a while, reason? My Marriage. Marriage is a special moment, and I wanted to enjoy and remember every moment of it.

I am happy to announce to the world that I am Married, and my bitter(not better) half is Punnya. Punnya is funny, smart & simple girl with lots of craziness and I love her a lot.

Marriage was on AUG 18th 2011 @ Thalassery, Kerala, India , and it was a Traditional Mallu marriage. Smile I loved it that way, except seeing too much gold on her, but her Saree and gold ornaments combination was awesome, and she looked as a Charming bride Smile.  I wanted it to be more traditional, a simple marriage in a Temple, would have been awesome. But this was exceptionally good, I enjoyed my life’s best moment.

Here are few pictures from our marriage.





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