Euphoria (Indian band)

I am not sure how many of the young generation are familar about “Euphoria (Indian band)”. I could recollect in my college beginning days (1998), i started listening to their songs. The albums “Dhoom – 1998”, “Phir Dhoom – 2000” attained lots of fans for the band, the fans itself been called as “DHOOMERS”.  It’s been very long i have listened to their music, suddenly today early morning i felt like i missing their songs. Then went on a quick search on google and got some of my favourite songs from “Dhoom” and “Phir-Dhoom”, among those always my favourite is “Maaeri”.

To tell more about “Euphoria”, i would lend details from Wikipedia.

Euphoria (Hindi: युफ़ोरिया), is an Indian rock band from the city of Delhi, India. Their unique style has helped them gain an audience, seen as alternative to the dominant Indian film or classical music.[citation needed] Euphoria were among the first to bring rock culture to India. They mixed electric guitar with traditional instruments like the tabla, dholak and sitar to create mesmerising effects.

Discography :


The band has signed to compose soundtrack for a Mollywood film named Best of luck (2010).




Band Singer : Palash Sen

Some Videos


Dhoom pichak dhoom

ab na jaa



Euphoria you rocks. You could visit Euphoria on facebook community here.

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