Windows Azure and WCF Azure Code Samples

I came across the microsoft code samples on Windows Azure and WCF Azure  application development using Visual Studio.  I thought this would be useful to others and posting  here.

Windows Azure Code Samples

WCF Azure Samples

Windows Azure Management Tool (MMC)

Bid Now Sample

Contoso Cycles

Contoso Cycles shows how the Azure Services Platform can be used to build a supply chain application. .NET Services allows messages to flow between companies across firewalls, NATs and routers. You can download Contoso Cycles from

Today Cloud Camp is session there on Hyderabad – IIIT. I have registered and obtained my pass, but couldn’t make myself up to the Camp, because of hectic work schedule of today.  May be in later sessions i will join.

Have a nice Day!!  and Happy Coding !!

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