New TechNet Subscription 28% discount

New TechNet Subscription 28% discount with promo code TNITE06

* Microsoft software – licensed for evaluation purposes. Evaluate full-version commercial products without time limits or feature limits, including Microsoft operating systems, servers, and Office System software. With full-version software, you can make informed decisions about new technologies and deployments at your own pace.
* Beta software – Receive pre-release versions of Microsoft operating systems, servers and business applications.
* Support Incidents – For the toughest technical questions, a TechNet Plus subscription includes two complimentary Professional Support incidents and a 20% discount on additional purchased support incidents. Talk to a Microsoft Support Professional to help resolve mission-critical technical issues fast.
* Managed Newsgroup Support – TechNet Plus provides unlimited access to over 100 Managed Newsgroups. Exchange ideas with other IT Professionals and get expert answers to your technical questions within the next business day—guaranteed.
* Technical resources for Microsoft products. Access the Technical Information Library containing the Microsoft Knowledge Base, security updates, service packs, resource kits, utilities, technical training, and product documentation to keep systems and IT skills up-to-date.
* Microsoft eLearning courses – To prepare for certification or simply to help build your technical skills, TechNet Plus includes a selection of Microsoft eLearning courses for free each quarter.
* Online Concierge Chat – Chat with a Microsoft Search Assistant online for help finding the technical resources you need or for assistance with non-technical questions.

Ready to order?

Head on over to

then just enter the Promotion Code: TNITE06

another promo code also is there: TNWIN7L, as part of windows 7 launch offer which expires in 31st Match 2010

Hurry grab it…

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