48 Hours Non-Stop Online Session is over

48 Hours Non-Stop Online Session is over with Hyderabad Techies. www.hyderabadtechies.info 

This was really a cool event, 48 hours continously non-stop, with out any break, we conducted the event. Every one acted as speakers and shared their knowledge on different technologies.  Good Team work and

On Saturday(19th Dec 2009)  the event was started, it continued for 48 hours with out break and today 2:17 PM, it completed  48 hours and 17 mins.

Session was ended successfully completing our dream target. All of them did th best in it.

Mainly Chandra Sekhar Thotta, founder of Hyderabad Techies was there with us continouly 48 hours with out proper sleep.  Pranav and Shravan were with us sacrificing their sleep.

Session was ended with Closing Note by Abhishek Kant, Community Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Limited.

Congrats to all. We all hope this event would be the worlds first event, which would hopefully enter in Limca Book of Records…

Thanks to all who have participated in this event, for their continous effort and making this dream come true.

– Nithin Mohan T K

   Memeber, Hyderabad Techies

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