Zurker– a Social Network with Ownership

Zurker is a new social media site where you become an investor and earn shares. You can buy up to 500 shares(it is the limit) of Zurker and you will become an investor for this Social Network.

To make it simple – Zurker is a member owned application. Once you join Zurker, you becomes one of the owners of Zurker. Each of your friends join with your referral you will get 1 or 2 shares each.

This means Zurker isn’t owned by a select few venture capitalists who stand to make billions and billions. There is nothing wrong with the idea of venture capitalists making billions from tech investments, but in the case of a social network, the priorities get skewed.

Right now Zurker membership is based on Referrals. Give it a try?, If you want to join Zurker, use my referral link – http://www.zurker.com/i-47200-hwkzrnjgkn

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