Kinect SDK for Windows–Quick Starts

Microsoft Research has released BETA of Kinect SDK for Windows a while ago. Which provides a set of drivers and managed API’s for develop applications that will utilize the Kinect for motion sensing technologies or applications.

Download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Kinect for Windows SDK at

MSDN Channel 9 have a set of Kinect for Windows SDK Quick start tutorial by Dan Fernandez

I quickly embedding these series of videos to my post, so that you may can view and help yourselves.

Part 1: Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor

Part 2: Setting Up Your Development Environment

and more available at Kinect for Windows SDK Quick start on Channel 9

These tutorials will defenitly help you in gain knowledge on Kinect SDK for windows. Pretty awesome try it out.

Thanks to Microsoft & Channel 9

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