Initially I was in a thought that what ever i am developing is an Enterprise Application. But with my experiences and reading books like Microsoft Press, 070-549 MCPD- Enterprise Application Developer long back has changed the way i think and do about application development. 

Each day I want to learn something new, atleast printing a line in Console in some other different way is informative. We all stupid software engineers working 8-10 hours a day, blowing out our minds thinking. At the age of 30-35, our mind will become like 60’s year olds.  But what we have to do we choose this profession, this is our passion, my passion atleast. Day by day new new finding willl happen in the technological world, we have no time to spend with family, cost of living is increasing day by day. Global warming and climate changes etc etc. The point is whatever happens we should get some basic idea about latest technologies.

This Wrox Publications -  Professional Enterprise .NET (ISBN: 978-0-470-44761-1)  is a book by Jon Arking, Scott Millett. I should say this is the best book you can use to learn about Enterprise Application Development.  How you can build an application effectively considering the following aspects of Enterprise Application Development.

  1. Reliability
  2. Flexibility

  3. Separation of Concerns

  4. Reusability

  5. Maintainability

 This is a good handy book. Every .NET developer should have a copy of your own.  Jon Arking and Scott Millett, explained everything in from their experiences on application development and i appreciate the contents in it. Thanks Guyz..

In INDIA it would cost  Rs. 449/- & US Edition would cost: Rs. 2500/- or 50-60$. 

 It’s available in most of the book stores in india. Come on Go on and grab it.

Comprehensive coverage to help experienced .NET developers create flexible, extensible enterprise application code

If you’re an experienced Microsoft .NET developer, you’ll find in this book a road map to the latest enterprise development methodologies. It covers the tools you will use in addition to Visual Studio, including Spring.NET and nUnit, and applies to development with ASP.NET, C#, VB, Office (VBA), and database.

You will find comprehensive coverage of the tools and practices that professional .NET developers need to master in order to build enterprise more flexible, testable, and extensible .NET applications with minimal upfront costs.

  • Helps C#, VB.Net, and ASP.NET developers who wish to migrate both their applications and their own skillsets to newer, more flexible enterprise methodologies
  • Describes each new pattern or feature along with its benefits, then outlines the pros and cons of its implementation
  • Includes an introduction to enterprise development and a comprehensive overview of the differences between new enterprise patterns and older, traditional Microsoft programming
  • Explains how to implement these patterns by upgrading an existing code base
  • Covers benefits including flexibility, automated testing, extensibility, and separation; modular code; test-driven development, unit test, test automation, and refactoring; inversion of control; and object relational mapping
  • Also covers enterprise design patterns: MVC including Ruby on Rails, Monorail, and ASP.NET MVC, MVP, observer, and more
  • Contains a primer on object-oriented design

Professional Enterprise .NET focuses on the often-inevitable compromise between forward-thinking design and the needs of business, helping you build applications that serve both.

Quotes: Taken from Wrox

Happy Learning & Coding !!! 🙂

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PS: I haven’t covered entire book for sure. Ha ha. So do not get in to assumption that, i got the in and out of the book.