Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 Win-a-Minute Quiz contest

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 Win-a-Minute Quiz contest
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 19:23:52 +0530

Dear Participant,

It gives us immense pleasure to announce you as one of the winners for the Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 Win-a-Minute Quiz contest. You can find the complete winners list at

As a winner, you are entitled to receive a movie coupon. In order for us to dispatch the prize, we request you to share your address not later than April 23, 2010.


Thank you for participating in the Tech.Ed India 2010 Win-a-Minute contest. We look forward to your association in similar future engagements with Microsoft.

Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 Support Team


The very same day i went in to specified link and enclosed my address details, just as a craziness.

It’s comedy that i have been declared  as winner 2 months back, till now i have not received my Gift.

If you are not willing to give any gifts why are are you making this comedy scene of declaring winners.

I have already specified my address as requested and never received any gifts from Microsoft Side. Why? god or microsoft tech-ed only can answer i believe, might be missed in the transit… ha ha ha.

It’s all simply feeling  like a joke for me. 



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  2. hi i didnt get my bogaton blogstar contest certificate and i didnt also get a Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 Win-a-Minute Quiz contest ticket…

    Its not fair that Microsoft taking things lightly….

  3. Yes. They should be serious about the contest certificates, declaring a winner is not enough. Should give them certificate as a proof for their works..

    By the way Congrats for being a blogaton blogstar winner. keep up the good work..

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