Upcoming Releases : Adobe CS5, .NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 4

This month coming 2,3 weeks we can find few interesting software releases.

April 12 -2010 – SILVERLIGHT 4

April 12 -2010 – VISUAL STUDIO 2010 and Tools

April 10-12  - 2010 – Adobe CS5 Collections

These softwares are the most awaited releases. Microsoft is releasing Visual Studio 2010, as a successer of Visual Studio series. Which totally revamped and rewritten using WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation) a vector based UI development framework. It comes with lots of features and said Stability. Stability of the IDE(Integrated Development Environment), that’s what all the developers looking for.

Silver light 4.0 i can say it’s most fascinating Rich Internet development platform, with loads of features and enhancements.

Adobe Cs5 series, it would be yet another milestone for graphics designers and publishers.

I hope these releases  and other softwares followed by these will Rock the world of Technology and mark a history.

Well done Adobe !!! Well done Microsoft !!!! Kudos…

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